Flooded Woodland

This is the original project, which was photographed between September 2004 and August 2005,  exhibited in different configurations from 2007 onward.
Shown here are just 5 from the original series of 12 large images.

The project explored an area of woodland located on the edge of a reservoir in the Peak District and looked closely at the seasonal changes over the period of a year. As an unpredictable twist, the trees and vegetation are also susceptible to the extremes of flooding and drought. The reservoir is primarily used to keep the canal system replenished acting as a gigantic header tank so consequently the water level can rise or fall in a short space of time. The twelve images show the visual transformation throughout the seasons of just one small area and highlight just how different the same place can appear when viewed over an extended period of time. When seen as a whole series the viewer can see all the subtle changes of the regeneration of nature throughout the cycle of a year.

A series of 12 large prints each 275cm x 43cm approx. in size (almost 3 metres wide).

Over ten years on, many of the trees have either rotted and collapsed or grown in odd directions becoming quite a different place.

Gallery Oldham, 2008
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